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Author Topic: Zadrecestion  (Read 13 times)

Orin The Lonely Oreo

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« on: April 20, 2016, 05:15:19 pm »

 Height: 60 meters

 Weight: 0

 Gender: Male

 Combat Style: Ranged/Melee

 Primary Attacks: Shadow Claw, Shadow Whips

 Secondary Attacks: Shadow Kick, Event Horizon Grasp

 Primary Weapons: Hypnosis, Shadow Shock

 Secondary Weapons: Black Hole Energy Blast

 Energy System: Absorption (Takes in energy through his body)

 Overview: Zadrecestion was the first one to escape the super massive black hole that he and his seven siblings were sealed in. He now searches for his brother, Dreamwalker, on our planet, seeking to aid him in a conquest for darkness...

 Origin: After a war between the celestial spirits and The Star Men, Zadrecestion along with Dreamwalker and his other siblings became trapped within the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This imprisonment lasted for a couple hundred centuries until Dreamwalker escaped and sought revenge on the spirits. Dreamwalker was powerful enough to battle the spirits alone but, with an ever increasing amount of kaiju, Dreamwalker's power has now become irrelevant. Dreamwalker knew he had to return to release all seven of his siblings in order to unleash a power known as Dread Shade onto the world.

 For now, he only gained enough power to at least pulled one of them out; however, with this, Dreamwalker had the plan to pull each one of his siblings out one by one in order to do so. With the power that he currently had, he released his brother, Zadrecestion from the depths of the black hole.

 Zadrecestion remains grateful to his brother...
 and is prepared for the ultimate plan.

 Energy: Zadrecestion absorbs light molecules. The speed his energy regenerates depends on the time of day: Night time will cause a drastic reduction in Energy Regain Speed where day time, he gains energy much
 faster. At dawn, his energy regain will be very slow with spikes of a faster regeneration speed. At dusk, his energy regain will have a fast regain speed with spikes of slowing down.

 Ranged: Hypnosis will keep his opponents in a trance, forcing them to stand still as they take a beating. Shadow Shock allows him to fire black lightning from his back, shocking his opponents to near-death. And for the secondary? Well, ever heard of when a black hole has an eruption? Pretty much similar to that in much more of a concentrated cosmic beam. Slow time allows him to cause the planet around him to move in slow motion, allowing him to be faster than his foe.

 Grappling: Event Horizon Grasp forces his opponent to him and unleashes a small burst of Black Hole Eruption energy (see ranged)

 Melee: Shadow Claw is like your normal scratch attack. Same with Shadow Kick being your normal kick attack. Shadow whip, however, allows him to turn his fingers into clawed whips, dealing an extra 5% damage to his foes compared to hs standard punch/kick combos.

 Movement: Even though he is a shadow being, Zadrecestion is capable of walking as a normal creature of this realm would. He also can float and fly via telekinesis

 Defenses: His defenses are pretty much the ability to slow time for at least 45 seconds and using his ranged abilities as a way to push opponents back when he takes too much damage.

 Weaknesses: His arrogance he had back in the first war with the celestial spirits led to his downfall. He still has too much pride. With that pride comes the price of not thinking about his loss or eventual death at the hands of far greater foes. He rushes into combat, thinking his victory will be easily taken when in reality, it won't be so easy.

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