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Author Topic: El Padre  (Read 8 times)

Orin The Lonely Oreo

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El Padre
« on: April 23, 2016, 12:14:20 pm »
Height: 167 Meters

 Weight: 40,000

 Gender: Male

 Combat Style: Melee/Ranged

 Primary Attacks: Katana Slash

 Secondary Attacks: Shield Bash

 Primary Weapons: Incendiary Blade, Shield Laser Canon

 Secondary Weapons: Power Blast

 Energy System: Meditation

 Overview: El Padre is a race of celestial orcs known as Verse Shifters. At one point, he was not enhanced by technology however, due to some issues with another Verse Shifter, he had to prepare himself and a race of humans on the planet below by creating new advancements in technology. He owns a sword that can become charged with blue and purple fire (A.K.A Celestial Fire) and a shield with a powerful laser canon. On his chest is the Mark of Orion to symbolize that he was created by the Draconics and the gods on the night of the Orion constellation. His body is now magically and technologically enhanced with new forms of tech that one would not normally find on a medieval planet.

 Origin: Verse Shifters. Celestial Orcs. These beings are known to help the Gods with shaping the infinite amount of separate multiverses across Absolute Existence. However, two of these Verse Shifters could not be separated, the two were once in love for a time. These beings, only known as El Padre and La Madre shared such a deep connection that they had to defy their duties as Verse Shifters in order to even be together. They eloped within the Garret Multiverse and made a home for themselves within the future kaijuverse, holding a planet in a solar system light years away from our own. In the time, they were happy, prosperous, and grew even closer; however, this wouldn't last due to darker forces, wanting to torture them and waiting for the perfect moment to do such a thing.

 After several years, the darker forces began to do their work and slowly began to rip them apart. El Padre wasn't willing to let his lover go so easily but, it was going to fall apart. La Madre became evil and corrupted, resulting in her tormenting the planet below. Creating legions of monsters, she reveled in her twisted rage, allowing them to make a feast of the hundreds upon thousands of innocent men, women and children. El Padre, still injured had to do something about this and came up with a plan...

 Within the next three weeks, El Padre came to finally do battle with his vile ex-lover. He gave her a twisted new form and buried her inside a volcano, binding her wings with titanium chains, placing a muzzle of molten rock around her mouth, and nailing her tendrils down with obsidian spikes. The rest of the kaiju would have to be dealt with in another way and he decided to take the form of a brilliant scientist and alchemist. Through this form, combined with the magic of the celestial beings, he would create advanced technology to help aid the people against the threats created by his amor perdido.

 Energy: A being of Celestial importance, El Padre must stop battle allow himself to be in sync with the Celestial properties of Absolute Existence. While charging his energy, a shield appears around him in order to protect him from any incoming attacks.

 Ranged: The Shield Laser Canon is used whenever he needs to defend himself via shield. Every time he Blocks (Duck Button), The canon instantly fires and blasts his foes backwards and off their feet. For a more powerful attack, He uses Power Blast (Rage Attack) to plant his shield on the ground, and unleash a very powerful 3 burst blast upon his opponents and allow more catastrophic damage to be done to his enemy.

 Grappling: He grabs his opponents and bashes them with his shield, dealing concussive damage by emitting a concussive energy blast that can stun opponents for a time.

 Melee: His normal Melee attack consists of him using the Katana in his hand and preforms his combat through classic Sword and Shield techniques. For energy attacks, he can charge his weapon with celestial fire for more effective damage.

 Movement: He walks like a regular human would but, he also has a jet pack that allows him to fly twice as fast from before he had a jet pack. He also uses Rocket boosters on his heels to give him that extra boost when he levitates.

 Defenses: His shield allows a decent defense and the canon keeps his foes at bay...
 If they aren't too quick for the canon that is.

 Weaknesses: The canon on the shield can only fire in a straight path and can easily be dodged by opponents who are either skilled with their agility or have teleportation abilities. Other than that, Opponents can simply outflank him.

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