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Author Topic: La Madre  (Read 8 times)

Orin The Lonely Oreo

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La Madre
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:35:16 pm »
Height: 195 Meters

 Weight: 901,000

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style: Ranged

 Primary Attacks: Tendril Whip, Scythe Arms

 Secondary Attacks: Poison Bite, Clawed Arms

 Primary Weapons: Death Cloud, Cry of Anger

 Secondary Weapons: Celestial Destruction

 Energy System: Meditation

 Overview: La Madre is the fallen of the Celestial Orcs. She was cursed with a twisted form as a symbol of her
 corruption by El Padre. She is back and is very angry.

 Origin: Locked away in a volcano, La Madre was once a Celestial Orc that fell in love with another Celestial Orc known as El Padre. However, dark forces decided that this was never meant to be and began to cause a rift between them. They corrupted her, and caused her to torture and kill many people on the medieval planet that rested in orbit below her. She gave in to this dark heeding, creating more monsters to aid her in a genocide.

 In her first fight, she greatly injured El Padre and left him to die but, she didn't stay to finish the job just to let him bleed to death. He didn't die however and made a new plan. He would take her and imprison her in a massive volcano and wait for her return. It took him weeks but, he finally got himself prepared for the second round.

 In the second battle, La Madre and El Padre engaged in brutal combat; however, she was still to powerful for him handle. La Madre was desensitized from all the love she once held for the fellow orc and was ready to strike the final blow until she felt her skin become penetrated by a blade, knocking her backwards, allowing

 El Padre to defeat her. Her world went black for hours. She woke back up 94 hours later to find herself nailed, chained and muzzled. She realized she had been defeated and struggled to get free.

 Three years later, she got free, and now unleashes a new reign of terror amongst the race of humans until El Padre shows himself for a final battle to the death.

 Energy: Just like El Padre, she must be in sync with the Celestial properties of the infinite Multiverses
 in Absolute existence.

 Ranged: Death Cloud is a cloud of poisonous acidic tear gas that eats away at the flesh, causing fatal damage to a human. It damages kaiju but, not as much as a human so, to use this ability, she would require to use it several times which can prove to be fatal to herself. Her rage move is called Celestial Destruction. This enables her to call upon celestial energies to rain down over her foes and strike them directly.

 Grappling: She bites them and injects poison into her opponents and steals energy or health for herself.

 Melee: She has six arms and four tendrils; therefore, keeping her melee options open so she can go in for the perfect kill. Her bladed arms are used to hack and slash while her clawed arms are meant to scratch and grab. The tendrils are used as whips to cause devastating amounts of pain.

 Movement: She forever flies and hardly ever touches the ground. She can, however, grab onto something and maintain an idle position.

 Defenses: Cry of Anger drives her opponents into a deranged form of anger, increasing the ferocity of her foes, dropping the other stats drastically to zero. This can be used to throw foes off track, leaving them to throw their bodies at her, forcing them to fall before her agility.

 Weaknesses: Her flesh is vulnerable, leaving her as an easy target waiting to be damaged by heavy attacks. A majority of her other attacks involve flailing her tendrils and preforming extremely powerful physical attacks which also take time to recover from for she isn't entirely strong.

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