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Kaiju of the Candlepunk Universe / La Madre
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:35:16 pm »
Height: 195 Meters

 Weight: 901,000

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style: Ranged

 Primary Attacks: Tendril Whip, Scythe Arms

 Secondary Attacks: Poison Bite, Clawed Arms

 Primary Weapons: Death Cloud, Cry of Anger

 Secondary Weapons: Celestial Destruction

 Energy System: Meditation

 Overview: La Madre is the fallen of the Celestial Orcs. She was cursed with a twisted form as a symbol of her
 corruption by El Padre. She is back and is very angry.

 Origin: Locked away in a volcano, La Madre was once a Celestial Orc that fell in love with another Celestial Orc known as El Padre. However, dark forces decided that this was never meant to be and began to cause a rift between them. They corrupted her, and caused her to torture and kill many people on the medieval planet that rested in orbit below her. She gave in to this dark heeding, creating more monsters to aid her in a genocide.

 In her first fight, she greatly injured El Padre and left him to die but, she didn't stay to finish the job just to let him bleed to death. He didn't die however and made a new plan. He would take her and imprison her in a massive volcano and wait for her return. It took him weeks but, he finally got himself prepared for the second round.

 In the second battle, La Madre and El Padre engaged in brutal combat; however, she was still to powerful for him handle. La Madre was desensitized from all the love she once held for the fellow orc and was ready to strike the final blow until she felt her skin become penetrated by a blade, knocking her backwards, allowing

 El Padre to defeat her. Her world went black for hours. She woke back up 94 hours later to find herself nailed, chained and muzzled. She realized she had been defeated and struggled to get free.

 Three years later, she got free, and now unleashes a new reign of terror amongst the race of humans until El Padre shows himself for a final battle to the death.

 Energy: Just like El Padre, she must be in sync with the Celestial properties of the infinite Multiverses
 in Absolute existence.

 Ranged: Death Cloud is a cloud of poisonous acidic tear gas that eats away at the flesh, causing fatal damage to a human. It damages kaiju but, not as much as a human so, to use this ability, she would require to use it several times which can prove to be fatal to herself. Her rage move is called Celestial Destruction. This enables her to call upon celestial energies to rain down over her foes and strike them directly.

 Grappling: She bites them and injects poison into her opponents and steals energy or health for herself.

 Melee: She has six arms and four tendrils; therefore, keeping her melee options open so she can go in for the perfect kill. Her bladed arms are used to hack and slash while her clawed arms are meant to scratch and grab. The tendrils are used as whips to cause devastating amounts of pain.

 Movement: She forever flies and hardly ever touches the ground. She can, however, grab onto something and maintain an idle position.

 Defenses: Cry of Anger drives her opponents into a deranged form of anger, increasing the ferocity of her foes, dropping the other stats drastically to zero. This can be used to throw foes off track, leaving them to throw their bodies at her, forcing them to fall before her agility.

 Weaknesses: Her flesh is vulnerable, leaving her as an easy target waiting to be damaged by heavy attacks. A majority of her other attacks involve flailing her tendrils and preforming extremely powerful physical attacks which also take time to recover from for she isn't entirely strong.

Kaiju of the Candlepunk Universe / El Padre
« on: April 23, 2016, 12:14:20 pm »
Height: 167 Meters

 Weight: 40,000

 Gender: Male

 Combat Style: Melee/Ranged

 Primary Attacks: Katana Slash

 Secondary Attacks: Shield Bash

 Primary Weapons: Incendiary Blade, Shield Laser Canon

 Secondary Weapons: Power Blast

 Energy System: Meditation

 Overview: El Padre is a race of celestial orcs known as Verse Shifters. At one point, he was not enhanced by technology however, due to some issues with another Verse Shifter, he had to prepare himself and a race of humans on the planet below by creating new advancements in technology. He owns a sword that can become charged with blue and purple fire (A.K.A Celestial Fire) and a shield with a powerful laser canon. On his chest is the Mark of Orion to symbolize that he was created by the Draconics and the gods on the night of the Orion constellation. His body is now magically and technologically enhanced with new forms of tech that one would not normally find on a medieval planet.

 Origin: Verse Shifters. Celestial Orcs. These beings are known to help the Gods with shaping the infinite amount of separate multiverses across Absolute Existence. However, two of these Verse Shifters could not be separated, the two were once in love for a time. These beings, only known as El Padre and La Madre shared such a deep connection that they had to defy their duties as Verse Shifters in order to even be together. They eloped within the Garret Multiverse and made a home for themselves within the future kaijuverse, holding a planet in a solar system light years away from our own. In the time, they were happy, prosperous, and grew even closer; however, this wouldn't last due to darker forces, wanting to torture them and waiting for the perfect moment to do such a thing.

 After several years, the darker forces began to do their work and slowly began to rip them apart. El Padre wasn't willing to let his lover go so easily but, it was going to fall apart. La Madre became evil and corrupted, resulting in her tormenting the planet below. Creating legions of monsters, she reveled in her twisted rage, allowing them to make a feast of the hundreds upon thousands of innocent men, women and children. El Padre, still injured had to do something about this and came up with a plan...

 Within the next three weeks, El Padre came to finally do battle with his vile ex-lover. He gave her a twisted new form and buried her inside a volcano, binding her wings with titanium chains, placing a muzzle of molten rock around her mouth, and nailing her tendrils down with obsidian spikes. The rest of the kaiju would have to be dealt with in another way and he decided to take the form of a brilliant scientist and alchemist. Through this form, combined with the magic of the celestial beings, he would create advanced technology to help aid the people against the threats created by his amor perdido.

 Energy: A being of Celestial importance, El Padre must stop battle allow himself to be in sync with the Celestial properties of Absolute Existence. While charging his energy, a shield appears around him in order to protect him from any incoming attacks.

 Ranged: The Shield Laser Canon is used whenever he needs to defend himself via shield. Every time he Blocks (Duck Button), The canon instantly fires and blasts his foes backwards and off their feet. For a more powerful attack, He uses Power Blast (Rage Attack) to plant his shield on the ground, and unleash a very powerful 3 burst blast upon his opponents and allow more catastrophic damage to be done to his enemy.

 Grappling: He grabs his opponents and bashes them with his shield, dealing concussive damage by emitting a concussive energy blast that can stun opponents for a time.

 Melee: His normal Melee attack consists of him using the Katana in his hand and preforms his combat through classic Sword and Shield techniques. For energy attacks, he can charge his weapon with celestial fire for more effective damage.

 Movement: He walks like a regular human would but, he also has a jet pack that allows him to fly twice as fast from before he had a jet pack. He also uses Rocket boosters on his heels to give him that extra boost when he levitates.

 Defenses: His shield allows a decent defense and the canon keeps his foes at bay...
 If they aren't too quick for the canon that is.

 Weaknesses: The canon on the shield can only fire in a straight path and can easily be dodged by opponents who are either skilled with their agility or have teleportation abilities. Other than that, Opponents can simply outflank him.

Orinverse Kaiju / Zadrecestion
« on: April 20, 2016, 05:15:19 pm »

 Height: 60 meters

 Weight: 0

 Gender: Male

 Combat Style: Ranged/Melee

 Primary Attacks: Shadow Claw, Shadow Whips

 Secondary Attacks: Shadow Kick, Event Horizon Grasp

 Primary Weapons: Hypnosis, Shadow Shock

 Secondary Weapons: Black Hole Energy Blast

 Energy System: Absorption (Takes in energy through his body)

 Overview: Zadrecestion was the first one to escape the super massive black hole that he and his seven siblings were sealed in. He now searches for his brother, Dreamwalker, on our planet, seeking to aid him in a conquest for darkness...

 Origin: After a war between the celestial spirits and The Star Men, Zadrecestion along with Dreamwalker and his other siblings became trapped within the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This imprisonment lasted for a couple hundred centuries until Dreamwalker escaped and sought revenge on the spirits. Dreamwalker was powerful enough to battle the spirits alone but, with an ever increasing amount of kaiju, Dreamwalker's power has now become irrelevant. Dreamwalker knew he had to return to release all seven of his siblings in order to unleash a power known as Dread Shade onto the world.

 For now, he only gained enough power to at least pulled one of them out; however, with this, Dreamwalker had the plan to pull each one of his siblings out one by one in order to do so. With the power that he currently had, he released his brother, Zadrecestion from the depths of the black hole.

 Zadrecestion remains grateful to his brother...
 and is prepared for the ultimate plan.

 Energy: Zadrecestion absorbs light molecules. The speed his energy regenerates depends on the time of day: Night time will cause a drastic reduction in Energy Regain Speed where day time, he gains energy much
 faster. At dawn, his energy regain will be very slow with spikes of a faster regeneration speed. At dusk, his energy regain will have a fast regain speed with spikes of slowing down.

 Ranged: Hypnosis will keep his opponents in a trance, forcing them to stand still as they take a beating. Shadow Shock allows him to fire black lightning from his back, shocking his opponents to near-death. And for the secondary? Well, ever heard of when a black hole has an eruption? Pretty much similar to that in much more of a concentrated cosmic beam. Slow time allows him to cause the planet around him to move in slow motion, allowing him to be faster than his foe.

 Grappling: Event Horizon Grasp forces his opponent to him and unleashes a small burst of Black Hole Eruption energy (see ranged)

 Melee: Shadow Claw is like your normal scratch attack. Same with Shadow Kick being your normal kick attack. Shadow whip, however, allows him to turn his fingers into clawed whips, dealing an extra 5% damage to his foes compared to hs standard punch/kick combos.

 Movement: Even though he is a shadow being, Zadrecestion is capable of walking as a normal creature of this realm would. He also can float and fly via telekinesis

 Defenses: His defenses are pretty much the ability to slow time for at least 45 seconds and using his ranged abilities as a way to push opponents back when he takes too much damage.

 Weaknesses: His arrogance he had back in the first war with the celestial spirits led to his downfall. He still has too much pride. With that pride comes the price of not thinking about his loss or eventual death at the hands of far greater foes. He rushes into combat, thinking his victory will be easily taken when in reality, it won't be so easy.

Orinverse Kaiju / Urufukage
« on: April 20, 2016, 05:05:49 pm »
Height: 80 meters tall 130 meters long

 Weight: 50,000 tons

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style: Melee

 Primary Attacks: Lycanthrope Bite, Wolf Slash

 Secondary Attacks: Lizard Kick, Lizard Tail Whip

 Primary Weapons: Sonic Howl, Energy Orbs

 Secondary Weapons: Poison Fur Darts, Acidic

 Energy System: Stamina

Overview: In prehistoric times, there was a race of creatures that was a mysterious Mammalian/Reptilian hybrid. Later, this creature re-emerged in Europe, attacking many citizens.

Origin: After the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Age Of Mammals came. However, there was a new breed of mysterious beings that had spawned near where modern day Europe would be. These creatures once roamed during the Ice Age and attacked many lesser creatures, including the humans of the day and age.

 Eventually, there was a mass extinction and nearly all of these mega-beasts faced extinction but, only one survived, frozen in an ice berg, near Great Britain. When the creature first surfaced in the 1980's, It went on a rampage and was attacked with full hostility. After taking a beating, the creature went into the sea, retreating to the Canary Islands. Rumors are that the creature has died but, They are completely wrong...

Energy: The creature has classic energy regen. Nothing Special

Ranged: Similar to a DragonBall Z's Kame Hame Ha attack, Urufukage is capable of unleashing orbs of energy in a similar fashion. Sonic Howl is exactly as it sounds... A sonic wolf howl as rings of pure energy exit the mouth. Poison Fur Darts allow the monster to shoot sharpened needles of its fur. The fur is poisonous and will stun an opponent for at least 25 seconds.

Grappling: She takes of her opponents and bites them, her saliva being acidic and laced with rabies. This will cause fatal passive damage to those who fail to resist her grasp.

Melee: She is up close, always seeking to be in her opponents face. Like a primal hunter, she feels the need for her bloodlust to be satisfied. She will constantly want to claw, bite and beat her opponents to the ground, making them beg for their dear life.

Movement: Her movement is a mix of lizard crawling and wolf skulking. Her tail starts in an upright position but, at critically low health, her tail goes between her legs (just like a normal wolf)

Defenses: She deals full on melee blows but, when she feels things get too hairy, she resorts to her ranged attacks until it's safe again.

Weaknesses: As she is part wolf, she is sensitive to the paranormal. This will cause fear and hesitation when dueling supernatural entities

Orinverse Kaiju / Sabaibā
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:58:15 pm »
Height: 78 Meters

Weight: 45,000

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style: Melee

 Primary Attacks: Bite, Head-butt

 Secondary Attacks: Tail Swipe, Forward Charge

 Primary Weapons: Double Helix Ray

 Secondary Weapons: Outlandish Toxicity

 Energy System: Hunger/Fury/Unstable Battery

Overview: Pretty much explained in the Origin

 It is the time of the Cretaceous and a female Spinosaurus has just laid her eggs and currently is watching over her nest as the day slowly shifts into night. As she begins to rest, she becomes distracted by something. The sound of something crashing followed by splashing.

 Shaking it off, the dinosaur went to investigate to find a UFO and some strange human-like bodies amongst the wreckage. She didn't realize that the UFO contained some toxic waste from their planet; thus overlooking what remained of the crash site and dying of exposure to the toxic waste.

 At least three of the eggs she laid never hatched, the embryos dying in the process; however, a fourth one survived, causing a premature hatchling to emerge from the nest. This infant was born not with scales but, with mammalian flesh instead. Veins made themselves visible through the thin parts of her skin showing the green-colored blood bulging with every pulse and heartbeat. The creature looked around for a nice meal, finding the remains of what was meant to be her family. She didn't understand what happened to them, or to her; however, she was hungry, and feasted upon the eggs with the contaminated body for her daily meal.

 The ingestion caused even further mutations, including massive patches of fur to grow in most areas as well as arm shrinkage. Her growth rate accelerated but, not her aging; however, her increased aggression and primal fury have made her as savage as an adult dinosaur but, she outgrew the entirety of the primeval populace. She became the Apex Predator and rose to great power.

 The extinction happened, the Ice Age following afterwards, the dinosaur population had fallen to endangerment, leaving only the mighty Sabaibā to survive.

Energy: The monster feeds off of any biological mass that she can get her teeth on. Her hunger drives her to insanity the faster her energy burns up, leading her to switch from gaining energy through hunger to Fury when she reaches 50% Energy; however, when she's at her lowest percent of energy, she is driven to the point of madness, becoming an Unstable Battery until her energy bar is full again

Ranged: Her double-helix ray deals not heat or frost damage but, rather it deals Cosmic damage. Her Outlandish Shockwave also unleashes a blast of cosmic energy that deals devastating amounts of damage.

Grappling: Her arms are crippled, disallowing her grappling capabilities but, her Outlandish Shockwave can stun opponents which leaves them vulnerable to a headbutt or a forward charge. Tail Swipes are also an option.

Melee: Melee attacks are actually very basic to the point a description for them is not needed

 Movement: She mimics the same movement as Godzilla would.

 Defenses: She is incapable of bodily defenses but, despite being melee based, she might use her ranged attacks to keep melee based opponents at bay, where her foes that use ranged attacks cause her to use a charging based attack as a defense.

 Weakness: Her body was mutated to the point she was born with soft and exposed flesh rather than scales. This means that she has absolutely no armor at all to protect from heavy attacks.

Orinverse Kaiju / Gemulet
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:13:34 pm »
Height: 60 meters

 Weight: 30,000 tons

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style: Charging

 Primary Attacks: Rush, Head but

 Secondary Attacks: Ruby Fang Bite, Ruby Triple Claw

 Primary Weapons: Quartz Beam, Amethyst Shockwave

 Secondary Weapons: Sapphire Eye Beams, Emerald Shield

 Energy System: Meditation (The emeralds absorb sunlight and convert it to energy)

 Overview: Gemulet is a Dimetrodon that was mutated by a mysterious object from outer space which carried some magic gemstones. These now give Gemulet some extraordinary abilities to be used in combat.

 Origin: About 40 million years ago, a species of Dimetrodon has walked the earth for their last and final moments. They didn't know that the earth would be hit with a catastrophic impact that would lead them to their own extinction within the next three hours. Three hours later, the UCO (Unidentified Crashing Object) came down and devastated the landscape, annihilating everything in its path. All but, one of the Dimetrodons. This one was the only survivor, as it was far from the blast radius but, as they always say, curiosity killed the cat. This lone creature went to the crashed object and came too close, becoming trapped in a field of mystic energy. The Dimetrodon was twisted and contorted as the legs became stretched out to become similar to a hybrid of a dog or a cat's. Gems were infused with its body with a flexible strip of rose quartz implanted with Amethyst gemstones. The sail was infused with Emeralds and rose quartz, the strips of bones, becoming pillars of gold. Rubies were fused into her claws and teeth. Finally, her small eyes became sapphires with a bright blue color and it was with this, Gemulet was born as a kaiju.

 3rd Millenium B.C:
 A race of beings from the planet of the UCO's origin, came to this planet to experiment on it yet, there was a a complication. A rebellion broke out and a war started between the two groups. The rebel's numbers dwindled to at least four. This is when Gemulet awoke, finding a world that was being destroyed. Gemulet had already seen the destruction of her own species and dared to not watch other species hindered by destruction and extinction. She took action by attacking the ones who wanted to use the planet for their own purposes. She saw the rebels and prepared to attack but, within their eyes, she saw a sense that these four weren't like the ones she attacked. She knew that the world would be safe with them; therefore, she and the alien beings agreed that Earth of this dimension would be protected without her but, Gemulet wanted to be disconnected from this universe, to be free from the pain of the current Earth. The beings used their magic and sent her to an alternate Earth. The Earth of the Orinverse

 Energy: Gemulet lies down on her stomach, allowing her to recharge her energy but, it hinders her combat,
 leaving her vulnerable.

 Ranged: Her quartz beam is a white quartz energy beam that is launched from her mouth. This is a beam that does more damage to opponents overtime the longer its in use. The sapphire beam however, slows opponents down, freezing them almost.

 Grappling: She really has no way to grapple for she is strictly a quadrupedal kaiju.

 Melee: Her ability, Ruby triple claw, consists of one physical strike, later allowing two more strikes of pure energy to strike downward.

 Movement: Despite that she is a dimetrodon, her body has changed which now enables her to run similar to that of a lion or a greyhound

 Defenses: Her Emerald Shield blocks physical attacks and beam weapons. Her new swiftness and agility also grant her a good advantage of evasion.

 Weaknesses: When she charges her energy, she becomes vulnerable to attack. When she uses up all her energy, she can't deflect her opponents attacks. So, without energy, she becomes screwed when she doesn't use it wisely. At least her swiftness makes up for the two.

Orinverse Kaiju / Dreamwalker
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:10:27 pm »
Height: 130 Meters

 Weight: (being an alternate manifestation and separate Super form of Ghostra, It has no weight)

 Gender: Non-gender

 Combat Style: Evasive/Melee/Control (Psychic Melee Attacks)

 Primary Attacks: Cold Stare (gives opponents the chills, making them back away slowly), Fearful Control (Keeps it's opponents away by heavily inducing thoughts of fear into their mind, making them cower in fear forcing them to go back upon approaching it)

 Secondary Attacks: Shadow Tail Whip, Dissipate (Disappears and Teleports to another area of the map, usually on the darkest part of the map.)

 Primary Weapons: Shadow Flame (Black Flames shot from where mouths are supposed to be. This causes freezing and magic damage), Shadow Summon (Creates a Shadow Copy of any opposing Kaiju that battles the foe), Ultimate Possession (Allows Dreamwalker to posses the three types of Kaiju that his weaker copy, Ghostra couldn't and can posses opponents that are knocked out)

 Secondary Weapons: Darkest Nightmares (The screen becomes dark for sixty seconds leaving only the six red eyes to “Break The Fourth Wall” as there are screams of agony coming from the kaiju and a hushed demonic voice becomes present) NOTE: This does not lead to a Jump-scare.

 Energy System: Mental Parasite (Feeds off emotions of Fear, Guilt, anxiety and Dementia)

 Overview: Dreamwalker is a much stronger, more powerful celestial shadow that seeks to bring darkness to the Orinverse. He was Ghostra's ultimate mistake...

 Origin: Ghostra, a foolish and young energy being was tasked with taking the souls of the dead into space, in order to give them life as stars; however, after seeing the wickedness humanity was capable of, Ghostra questioned herself of what she should do with the evil spirits. Her solution was to imprison the evil spirits within a black hole, casting them down into the abyss, letting them get sucked into the center, never to emerge again. This continued for the first very first two millennia but, the consequences of planting evil into a black hole.

When Ghostra was away, the black hole shifted. It twisted and morphed, reconstructing itself into a new shape. The black hole formed a basic body, thick black legs, similar to those of a tree-trunk painted solid black. A large thick tail formed from the back, waving slowly as if it were a slow claymation film. From the front of his body, three heads were formed. They bore no mouths but, they did form two hollow eyes on each face. In rage, and a wish for revenge, the eyes were filled with red light as a mockery of Ghostra's residual color. Dreamwalker is born.

And are you ready for your worst nightmare?

 Energy: Dreamwalker is a manifestation of Nightmares. It is a personification of all the worlds worst nightmares. It will make a feast of an opponent's fears and nightmares. It starts off with 10% energy and builds it's energy up by being a mental parasite. At 50% Energy, Dreamwalker, can either use Ultimate Possession or Shadow Summon. When at 100% it uses Darkest Nightmares which will blacken out the screen, leaving only the red eyes to stare directly at the player as the opponent's kaiju will scream in pain and agony while a Demonic Voice is heard in the Background.

 Ranged: Cold Stare forces Dreamwalker's foe to back away in fear as Fearful Control allows it to implant fears and Nightmarish daydreaming into the foe's mind. Shadow Flame is fire that is constructed of shadows that will freeze opponents regardless of being weak to frozen or not.
 Grappling: It does not grapple or physically touch opponents

 Melee: With the exception of one attack and Ultimate Possession, Dreamwalker uses more psychic attacks than physical attacks.

 Movement: Dreamwalker floats and hovers, only moving slightly but in a slow, creepy and eerie way.

 Defenses: It can Phase like Ghostra and float right through attacks, opponents and buildings.

 Weaknesses: As far as the Kaiju and other sentient beings are concerned, weaknesses are unknown at the time but, Dreamwalker is still beatable.

Orinverse Kaiju / Illuminance
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:07:11 pm »
Height: 55 Meters

 Weight: None

 Gender: None

 Combat Style: Melee

 Primary Attacks: Solar Slash, Solar Storm Beat-down

 Secondary Attacks: Blinding Light (blinds the enemy for at least 10 seconds)

 Primary Weapons: Blue Nova Eye beams, Scorching Possession (Deals passive heat damage to a possessed opponent)

 Secondary Weapons: Deadly Supernova (Unleashes a shock wave that demolishes everything in it's path)

 Energy System: Elemental Affinity (Solar Power, regains energy slower when it's night)

 Overview: A Spirit that was created when Dreamwalker and Ghostra battled on the surface of the sun that uses Solar powers to change the tide of battle.

 Origin: Once Ghostra was created, The Star Men decided to focus on creating a second spirit but, rather than use a Red Super-Giant, they chose a Yellow Draw Star to form this second body. Including the usage of multiple asteroids, The Star Men gave a physical body to the spirit kaiju who is now known as Illuminance. He was given the task to tend to the stars that were both born, and entering death. For a time, Illuminance tended to his job with the stars but, during this task, a black hole was formed. From this hole, a menacing Shadow Being emerged and overpowered him. In fear, he left the black hole as one massive super being emerged from the blot of inky black darkness.

 The threat was assessed by The Star Men and they knew what had come. The Shadows have returned from the Dimension of the Shadows: A horrid place of pure black and white, a place from within the singularities of Black Holes. From here, The Spirit Wars began and would not end until Earth Year 1542.

 Ghostra and Dreamwalker had fought one another on earth, causing so much destruction; however Ghostra decided to take the battle into space. She grabbed Dreamwalker and threw him into space and tried to dissipate him, using the surface of the sun. Hoping to see that this demon of cosmic darkness destroyed, she was put in a dark mood of dismay when he stood there, with the same evil look on his face. In rage, she repeatedly pounded him into the surface of the sun, until he Teleported behind Ghostra and pile-drove her into the sun's surface. Dreamwalker retreated and left Ghostra to burn. Struggling to rise, Ghostra was later picked up by a supernatural being...

 A golden being with blue eyes.

 Energy: Illuminance uses Solar energy to regenerate energy.

 Ranged: Illuminance can Expel a powerful supernova from around it's body to deal a critical amount of damage to anything in it's path. He also can use Eye beams that are blue in color that deals X damage, depending on what his opponents are weak to . With Scorching Possession, Illuminance can possess his opponents and deal passive burn damage to both himself and what he controls.

 Grappling: This is where Solar Storm Beat-Down comes into play; He grabs his opponent and deals heat and melee damage by grabbing his opponent and slashes them for 15 seconds straight.

 Melee: Solar Slash is an average Claw attack. For the second attack, see grappling.

 Movement: Floats almost the same way as Ghostra, Sometimes uses arms for a creepy Spider-Like movement pattern

 Defenses: See Blinding light.

 Weaknesses: There is a 50/50 chance that Illuminance will take a massive amount of self-inflicted damage from using Deadly Supernova and since he was formed of a star, his energy weapons have a chance of dealing "Self-Harm" Side-Effect and once he takes a certain amount of damage, He cannot use ANY energy weapons without dealing passive burning damage to himself. This means the player must use more melee if they want to have a chance at beating their opponents.

Orinverse Kaiju / Cosmica
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:04:20 pm »

Height: 190 meters

 Weight: 0 Tons

 Gender: Female

 Combat Style:

 Primary Attacks: Possession, Wormhole Displacement

 Secondary Attacks: Shadow Claw, Time Freeze

 Primary Weapons: Cosmic Blast, Cold Stare

 Secondary Weapons: Shadow-Star, Star Burn

 Energy System: Stamina (Because she is fueled by all things around her)

 Overview: Cosmica (Yes she is "Another Ghostra Recolor") is the fourth being that was involved in a war against a demonic shadow being called Dreamwalker. Now that Ghostra, Dreamwalker and Illuminance have appeared, She has risen from the Light Realm to assist her former allies in the war against Dreamwalker and his 7 Shadow Brethren.

 Origin: 11 years ago, Ghostra appeared... 9 years ago, Dreamwalker followed and 8 years ago Illuminance made his own presence known. The cosmic spirits are falling to the Children of the Shadow Dimensions and need help from the Almighty Cosmica, Daughter of the Cosmos, a sister of Ghostra and Dreamwalker (Explaining her color scheme) to aid them in this fight...

 Eons ago, when the universe was first born, Cosmica, Illuminance, Ghostra were at war with the shadow beings. Dreamwalker and his children came after the three Spirits, only to be sealed in the first eight black holes, imprisoned there for what was meant to be an eternity. That eternity did not last an eternity...

 Now, she has emerged into the modern universe, and is urgently trying to fight against Dreamwalker, hoping that none of the 7 children have been released...

 It turns out that it might already be too late...

 Energy: She absorbs all things within the cosmos, whether it be organic or not.

 Ranged: She tends to not use weapons as much. Star Burn is energy channeled through her hands and unleashed in a barrage of orbs.

 Grappling: This is what Possession is for.

 Melee: Shadow Claw- A multi-arm slash that causes freezing damage, slowing her opponents down in the process.
 Time Freeze- Freezes time in order to attack her opponents as they are idle for 15 seconds.
 Wormhole Displacement- It replaces ducking with the ability to teleport her opponents away from her.

 Movement: She floats like a normal ghost but, also crawls with her arms.

 Defenses: Her Ranged is her defense. Cold Stare allows her to intimidate her opponents and discourages them from charging her. Shadow-Star enables her to take in Shadows to unleash them as an explosion of light.

 Weaknesses: She shares damage with a character she is possessing and is unable to use her energy weapons at 50% life.

Orinverse Kaiju / Ghostra
« on: April 20, 2016, 03:59:09 pm »
Height: 60 meters

 Weight: (It's a ghost kaiju. A ghost weighs nothing)

 Gender: There is no gender

 Combat Style: Evasive/Melee

 Primary Attacks: Chilling Punch

 Secondary Attacks: Re-appear (Counter Attack)

 Primary Weapons: Phasing (Defensive weapon that allows Ghostra to fade in color and be able to phase through buildings as well as it's opponents physical and energy attacks.), Ghostly Screech

 Secondary Weapons: Possession (Works better in team battles since Ghostra can take over it's opponent's body and attack opposing teammates.) Cloaking (Turns Invisible completely)

 Energy System: Elemental Affinity (Life Essence)

 Overview: Ghostra is a ghost kaiju that is made of souls lost in the cosmos and heavenly bodies that have burnt out as their life source faded. It is red to represent the dead (both of civilizations and stars). It is capable of possesing it's opponents body and cause serious harm.

 Origin: Within the cosmos, there are the stars and there are the lost souls of the dead. The stars, they only live to die while the lost souls, looking for a home that exists nowhere, take a break to watch the galactic bulbs of light burn out and die. Along the journey, the spirits of the cosmos came across an entire field of Mega-Sized Red Giants, just on the verge of supernova. They were so tired of their journey that they wondered if the stars could decimate a soul and bring end to such a painful journey of sorrow. They decided to sit and wait for the explosive collapse of this field of red, crying silver-laced tears from their black, eyeless sockets. In unison, they all wailed a mournful cry just as the stars all collapsed. The silence was there for a moment, as in space there is no sound. The residue of the stars started turning red, twisting into a brand new form. This form was a twisted, hideous form of a Ghost. Ghostra, the spirit monster, Born of the Stars, lost the morals of the spirits that were once in a field of red stars and headed to haunt a terrestrial plane.

 Truth is, she was never created by deformity. She was guiding the souls to a new realm within the universe with her creators being a collective colony of star beings know simply as, The Star Men. These beings tasked her with comforting the dead and to lead them to a portal into paradise but, with a rising threat, these spirits will have to wait.

 Energy: Ghostra absorbs the nearby life essence of anything that has a spark of life. This causes a quick rise in it's energy meter, allowing Ghostra to attack, Re-appear, Posses, and cloak at will. (Ask Keizer Guin, she got her tail feathers beat by this kaiju). Reappear allows Ghostra to appear behind it's opponent and attack from behind. Possession allows Ghostra to take over the opponent's body and let the Kaiju's guard down.(Works better in team battles).

 Ranged: Ghostly Wail is a move that blasts an opponent to cower in fear (Does not work on Mechs or other spirits and demons). The opponent will have weaker Attack, Defense, and Energy. Agility rises quickly though (What's wrong Avius, you look like you've seen a ghost)

 Grappling: Ghostra is not strong enough to grapple.

 Melee: Ghostra has Chilling punch (this punch causes opponents that are weak to freezing to slow down).

 Movement: Ghostra floats like the stereotypical bed sheet ghost.

 Defenses: Ghostra is very evasive. The ability, Re-appear is one of those evasive moves. Phasing is another energy weapon that allows Ghostra to phase through solid objects, including energy and physical attacks. Cloaking allows Ghostra to turn invisible and will make do with stealth (Ghostra can still inflict damage)

 Weaknesses: Ghostra cannot attack when phased (To keep it from being too OP), Cannot Posses demon, spirit, and mystic kaiju. Ghostra is only undetectable when using invisibility responsibly and it shares damage when possessing an opponent. Update on weakness: Ghostra cannot posses, re-appear or cloak once at 50% health

Orinverse Kaiju / The Star Men
« on: April 20, 2016, 03:52:23 pm »
Height: 159 Meters (Maximum Colony Form), 59 Meters (Mid Colony Form) 10 Meters (Singular Form)

 Weight: 200 Tons-40,000 tons

 Gender: Male/Genderless

 Combat Style: Control (Grappling)/Ranged

 Primary Attacks: Rotating Torso, Rotating Kick

 Secondary Attacks: Punch, Kick

 Primary Weapons: Star Pulse, Gravity Well

 Secondary Weapons: Solar Predator Strike, Stellar Eye-beam

 Energy System: Living Solar Panel

 Overview: The Starmen are the ones who created the three cosmic spirits after the Big Bang. They watched over the universe for many millennial until They sensed a strange and evil presence. Now that the eight shadows are unleashed, the Star Men realize that it'll take a much stronger force to defeat them.

 Origin: At the beginning of the universe, after the events of the Big Bang, a large colony of organic house sized stars came together and united under one body. They realized that they could form limbs and a body by creating multiple beams of hard light and magnetic energy. It wouldn't be very long until they realized that they could begin creation.

 10 trillion years before the dawn of galaxies:
 The Star Men looked at a field full of Red Giants and Yellow Dwarfs residing within a nebula. Curiously, they wondered if they could create life amongst themselves and be able to place them as Guardians; therefore, creating three beings. From the red and yellow dwarfs, Ghostra and Illuminance were born, and from the Stellar Nebula, Cosmica was born. This was good in their favor but, they didn't realize that once these stars died, they would have created eight shadow beings that would soon go to war with the three spirits.

 5 years after creation:
 Galaxies, Solar Systems and many wonders of the universe have been created in all due favor of the Star Men and the spirits but, off in the distance, there was a blot, covering the many brilliant lights in the sky. Many of them had shapes and were led by a red eyed being. This signaled the war between spirits and shadow beings all over the galaxy. The war lasted until earth year 1542, after the eight shadow beings were sealed away inside the Milky Way's Super-massive Black Hole.

 Present Day:
 Ghostra has been leading the souls of the dead to eternal rest, Iilluminance has taken care of dying stars, and Cosmica has been guarding the outer cosmos. The Star Men watch over the rest of this new universe like a hawk. They don't realize however, Dreamwalker has escaped and seeks to eventually release his allies. A second Spirit War has sparked and this time, and it'll take more than the spirits to stop the shadow beings.

 Within San Benito, a young man named Jacob and his friend were screwing around and discover an ancient shrine deep within a cave and accidentally summon the Star Men but, they didn't approach with ill intentions. Instead, the Star Men formed their Maximum Colony Form and made their way to Austin, TX to bring aid to the spirits.

 Energy: If in a stage during daylight, Energy regen will be much faster but, must be immobile. At night, He must be cautious, there is less solar energy at night and most of that is from the reflection of sunlight. His energy will have slow regeneration rates at night.

 Ranged: Star Pulse is used much like Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse and blasts opponents backwards. Stellar Eye-beam is just a basic purple eye-laser that deals massive amounts of cosmic damage. Solar Predator Strike is like the Hammer of Dawn from Gears Of War but, it summons concentrated solar energy down in a pillar of fire made of a solar flare. Gravity Well allows him to pull opponents towards him to keep them from retreating.

 Grappling: He uses Gravity Well to pull his opponents in and blasts them away with Star Pulse.

 Melee: Nothing much, he uses a basic hand to hand style. Most of them being like MechaGodzilla '74 from
 Godzilla Unleashed.

 Movement: Walks upright like a human and sometimes floats.

 Defenses: See Ranged and Grappling

 Weaknesses: He can't allow himself to be overwhelmed with his opponents and his body, unbound to planetary physics cannot withstand such extensive time periods on Earth or any other planet. This will cause some passive damage to him after some time.

Orinverse / The Rise of the Orinverse
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:58:05 pm »
    The universe began as a cold, dark place. Just pitch black like the walls of a room with zero light. Only Shadows. The only thing that was within this sea of darkness was a small, white pulsating orb, swelling with immense amounts of energy as if it were building up for eons; however, it would not be long before it exploded.

    Light began to engulf the darkness, swelling into an even larger bulb until finally, there was an explosion of pure, destructive energy, rushing like ultra-fast waves of water, blotting multicolored stars onto the ebony walls of what was once a tiny universe. Radiation of giant burning bulbs of light flooded space, leaving a collage of light. Space sparkled, like a house decorated with Christmas lights, reds, blues, yellows pulsating in the distance. There is one star cluster in particular, pulsating in a high frequency of energy.  These stars are the ones who became individually sentient. From these orbs of light, strands of hard-light formed something similar to that of a body; thus forming the first being of this early universe. These strange and mysterious creatures are known only as The Star Men, and are the ones that the ancient peoples referred to as God, Jehovah, Allah, Zeus, and so forth. It wasn't till later, The Star Men realized they can form into one massive form, a colonial form if you will, collected from the multitude of other Star Men and from there, they began creating planets and even life.

    In the time of ancient humanity, The Star Men realized they required aid to help keep the sentient beings in check, as well as guard the universe from problematic situations. Taking action, they created the spirits known as Ghostra, Illuminance and Cosmica.

    • Ghostra was to guard the spirits of the dead, taking the good, and forming them into a star, while the wicked were sent into a black hole.
    •   Illuminance was the keeper of Stars and tended to their life span, absorbing their energies just before death.

  • Cosmica was in charge of the nebula's and stellar nurseries, forming new stars, comets and other celestial bodies that make up our solar system as well as our universe.

The universe was in a calm state for at least a time.
Within the early Permain Period in another universe, a strange species of creature came to a rise in evolution of a highly strange reptilian breed. Dimetrodon limbatus. The Earth had been their home for at least several centuries until something came from beyond the outer regions from the stars. A massive colony ship came down and unleashed a devastating explosion. Everything within the blast radius was completely incinerated, killing off the majority of the dimetrodon population. There was one however, that the blast missed by nearly one inch. The young dimetrodon though, was brave and felt her curiosities nag at her constantly. She walked towards the wreckage and noticed the charred remains of her species but, she continued on. In the center of the wreckage, something glowed; however, rather than run away from it, the curious beast came even closer, ensnaring her and transforming her into the kaiju known as Gemulet. After her transformation, she went into hiding...

Within the first millennium after the birth of Gemulet, Ghostra had come to battle strange and evil beastly spirits. With the aid of The Star Men, Illuminance and Cosmica, they defeated this army of demonic forces, entrapping the remaining eight demons in the Milky Way's Super Massive Black Hole. For at least the course of 200 earth years, these eight shadows remained trapped, forever in suspended animation, with no way out. These shadows wouldn't become crushed by the effects of their prison. They're immune to such effects. Since this occurred, the cosmic spirits have been on high alert and are currently watching over their creation.  They were unaware that within the next few millennia, this evil would rise again, causing great damage to the earth.

Within the 3rd Millennium BC, a race of beings came to earth, seeking to use the planet's energy to manufacture their army. A group of rebels who saw it was unfair to abuse the earth for their people's research and staged a rebellion against their leaders. During the conflict, the rebel's numbers dwindled to at least four. Gemulet was awakened from her slumber, finding a world that was being destroyed. She had already seen the destruction of her own species and dared to not watch other species hindered by destruction and extinction. She took action by attacking the ones who wanted to use the planet for their own purposes. She saw the rebels, preparing to attack but, within their eyes, she saw a sense that these four weren't like the ones she attacked. She knew that the world would be safe with them; therefore, she and the alien beings agreed that Earth of this dimension would be protected without her but, Gemulet wanted to be disconnected from this universe, to be free from the pain of the current Earth. The beings used their magic and sent her to an alternate Earth. The Earth of the Orinverse, where she now slumbers.

At least a few million years later:

It is the time of the Cretaceous and a female Spinosaurus has just laid her eggs and currently is watching over her nest as the day slowly shifts into night. As she begins to rest, she becomes distracted by something. The sound of something crashing followed by splashing. Shaking it off, the dinosaur went to investigate to find a UFO and some strange human-like bodies amongst the wreckage. She didn't realize that the UFO contained some toxic waste from their planet; thus overlooking what remained of the crash site and dying of exposure to the toxic waste.

At least three of the eggs she laid never hatched, the embryos dying in the process; however, a fourth one survived, causing a premature hatchling to emerge from the nest. This infant was born not with scales but, with mammalian flesh instead. Veins made themselves visible through the thin parts of her skin showing the green-colored blood bulging with every pulse and heartbeat. The creature looked around for a nice meal, finding the remains of what was meant to be her family. She didn't understand what happened to them, or to her; however, she was hungry, and feasted upon the eggs with the contaminated body for her daily meal.

The ingestion caused even further mutations, including massive patches of fur to grow in most areas as well as arm shrinkage. Her growth rate accelerated but, not her aging; however, her increased aggression and primal fury have made her as savage as an adult dinosaur but, she outgrew the entirety of the primeval populace. She became the Apex Predator and rose to great power.

The extinction happened, the Ice Age following afterwards, the dinosaur population had fallen to endangerment, leaving only the mighty Seizon-Sha to survive.


(To be Continued)

The Candlepunk Universe / Universo de Amor Perdido
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:41:45 pm »
Where in the Milky Way: 3,000 Light-years from our solar system

When: 77 Earth Years ago

 When the universe was young, the planets were still forming their multiple forms of life, there were two celestial lovers only known as El Padre and La Madre. These two were bound by happiness and love but, as their love grew deeper, the evils of the universe became drawn to them which lead them to argue, causing them to become more agitated with one another as time progressed. La Madre became so absorbed in her madness, she took her rage out on a small world called Maris where she rose leigions of horrific creatures on the many kingdoms that rule over the land.

 As these defenseless kingdoms faced turmoil, El Padre grew very upset with his wife and had to do something about this. In a desparate act, he cursed his wife and turned her into a beast amongst the ranks of what she had created, sealing her away in a volcano. Seeing that the people of this planet needed resources to battle the kaiju threat, the massive orc made promised to service them and provide them the technology they needed to battle the uprising. From here, the populace was provided the materials to produce new elements of weaponry with improved scientific knowledge and magic to this forsaken medieval world. The humans were ready for a new age. Stories eventually rose about the beings that they called El Padre and La Madre, mistaking them for being the real gods of this world.

 This eventually led to an Age of Enlightenment, one where the kingdoms could protect themselves with a vast quantity of airships, electro-weaponry, and various types of magic at their disposal. Humanity would be at a high time with combat against the creatures that were given the task to destroy the life on that world; however, the Enlightened Age would come to end.

 20 Earth Years Later:

After several years of struggling, La Madre had broken free of her confinement and emerged from the volcano, free to take revenge on the one who placed her there. She rose a new army of kaiju, even transforming the human's most powerful mage into a monster of her ranks. The Kingdoms have become overwhelmed by the beasts, forcing them to stop focusing on protecting outlying villages. Convoys by themselves could no longer go out without being attacked by hordes of minor kaiju, forcing many weapons from being sent to forgeries in the rest of the world. Suffering from hundreds of casualties on all side, the kingdoms faced loss of defenses and lost even more resources than when they first started. With a war against kaiju and a battle between two of the largest creatures, humanity seems to be caught in limbo between victory and defeat.

And the love between the celestials is now forever lost in this universe

This Universo de Amor Perdido

Enloeverse / Story of the Enloeverse
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:34:11 pm »
Origins of a Universe
 Part I

 Among the stars, there are many worlds, and on many of these worlds there is corruption. Politics, warfare, religion, inequality; these are the things that can destroy an entire world as time flies away, as if it were a little bird in flight. The planet, D'regard-Zeta was once a world like this and was already torn apart by the citizen's folly. The government is said to have been a main reason for the corruption. The Magicious clan was also blamed for the corruption but, it was both; the government had allowed the Magicious too much power of this trio-branched government by a mistake and the Magicious clan took over, trying to create a “Master Race”. After the corruption happened, the other two clans, Draconis and Aquaris started to wage war on the Magicious Clan. The body count rose to nearly millions, as if it were genocide.

 Years later, The war is still going on but, a group of citizens, sickened by the war decided to leave and find a new planet of residency. This group contained at least 100,000 citizens from each of the three clans. They left as fast as possible bringing as much scientific technology and self defense weapons (though very limited in ammo and firearms) as they could. It took them many years to complete this journey but, they officially made it to a new planet. This planet was mostly blue with a giant green landmass in the middle. It was only inhabited by wildlife, no civilization for miles. The conditions were just accurate for life to create a continuity and it was the third terrestrial planet away from the sun. They chose to settle here, on this planet called Earth.

 Once these immigrants settled on the soil, they took a look around the earth's environment and took a breath of air. This was the planet still uninhabited and unsettled, teeming with wild, primordial life forms. Animals and plant life from the prehistoric to the modern age all coexisted as one. They lived under the natural cycle of life and death just as any kind of creature in nature. With this peaceful and orderly nature, the three clans sought to rebuild their nations here and make three separate governments, to avoid causing another Genocide War. They thought they were safe but, they could not have been more wrong.

Origins Of a Universe
 Part II:
 The Second Great Genocide War
 Many years, the three colonies have lived in harmony. They chose to be diverse and live segregated among one another to avoid starting a war. This peace however, was beginning to come to an end. Within the cities of the Magicious, there lies the remains of the politicians, war generals, and such low-life scum that have brought their own evil and corruption to the new world. They seek to do nothing but take over their benevolent government. The Magicious Clan, is the father of early and modern humankind therefore, explaining the multiple types of of corruption that have been happening within the entire Magicious Nation itself.

 Years of planning took place, and the corrupt Magicious Clan members began a cult with the title Illuminatus Magico (Which later became known as The Illuminati (1800's-Current Day)). These Male and Female dirtbags were ready to bring their government and began their first strikes against the government. With abilities that the Aquaris and Draconis had, the Magicious had little need for weapons since magic was their source of power and military strength. With this, the Illuminatus Magico took extra time to make their spells over-powered and ready to destroy their government, original religion and political views. The reason for the uprising is unknown because, the government showed no signs of ill-will.

 The Illuminatus Magico planned to keep their war with the government silent. They set up magic barriers around the city to shield unwanted eyes out of the city. Within the first few weeks, the cult was suffering heavy losses on the battlefield and it seemed that they were losing at first. It wasn't until the leader was assassinated that the tides of the war have turned into the favor of the Illuminatus. With the Magicious now leaderless, everyone had to succumb to the villainous and vile cult. With new-found power,they chose to manipulate their fellow clans to annihilate each other. Each of the surviving counsel members were forced to convince the Aquaris to attack the Draconis with what they had. Within time, the Aquaris chose to make the first strike and thus began The Second Great Genocide War.

Origins of a Universe
 Part III
 Rise of the Combinations

 After the first few months of war between the Aquaris and Draconis, the machines of war were destroyed, factories ran out of resources and Pangaea's (Earth) natural elements were not chemically compatible with the factory machines that produced the weapons and war machines. They looked at the wildlife around them and tried using the abilities of their sciences to create hybrid of the animals to use as war beasts. Every test was a failure, the embryo would always end up dead upon being first spawned. It was like they were causing abortion and genocide at the same time, making the same wicked choices of the Magicious Clan and Illuminatus Magico. They did not know that the counsel members were forced to cause corruption and were executed. Execution of the counsel was to keep the truth from being revealed to the ones that were at war with each other. The merfolk and dracofolk started attacking attacking one another like wild animals. They would rip the flesh from bones with their teeth, skulls crushed by being stomped upon, disembowelment and brutally having organs ripped out, using nothing but their claws and bare hands.

 From the stars, watched three beings. These beings were looking down at the clans and were not feeling very jovial about the graphic, inhumane combat that was happening on the super continent. These were not just beings, they were a trio of gods, beings that could create worlds, universes and even multiverses. There are six divine beings that have created a world, separate from the world of reality to create a world that connected fictional multiverses coming straight from imaginations of mankind to live; These Kaiju Gods were the three out of six beings that wanted to create a universe that focused on the elements of mankind's imagination but, kaiju focused. There are many kaijuverses that were created by mankind and this one, the Enloverse is one of those many kaijuverses. They decided that they should teach these beings how to create kaiju by using their powers combined with the sciences of the three clans so the warring factions could create the war beasts they needed to use for battle.
 They came to each of the clans separately, teaching them the art of creation:

 Mongurius (Think of Anguirus crossed with a European Dragon) sided with the Draconis Clan to create monsters born to not only use strong attacks but, ones that would also use the best fortitude. These were the most dangerous kaiju to face due to their maxed out ferocity, strength and fortitude.

 Orbzilla (Pronounced Orb-Zee-Ya) is a dragon that has a representation of Orga. He has plasma lightning orbs (think of those lightning globes from Spencer's) attached to his shoulders and the top of his head. He sided with the Aquaris, showing how to make kaiju that were not weak but, less ferocious, moderate defense and medium strength (Even though Mega-Monkey is one who has maxed out strength) and stealth. Obrzilla has spared them the information that the kaiju will not be as merciful as the Aquaris people. These kaiju are dangerous but, not like the Draconis Clan's Kaiju.

 Orbwolf: This god is a humanoid wolf, with the wings of a dragon. He sided with the Magicious Clan and showed them how to use their magic to create beings constructed of magic. With Orbwolf's help, the Magicious had created two golems.
 It was with this gift of creation that the clans decided to finish this war, winner takes all. Countless battles have been fought, even leading to the destruction of many cities, even the great cities of Sodom and Babylon didn't survive these battles. These “combinations” were always under the control of their respected clans, enslaved to every whim and will to them. The clans never thought that their creations could rebel against them but, they were dead wrong. There is a price for playing God.
 Within the end of the prehistoric age, at the climax of the Genocide Wars, the kaiju decided that they all had enough. They turned right around and attacked their fellow clan commanders. All the monsters destroyed every city and almost caused a genocide of their own. With this destruction, the Clans took what ever technology they had and went into hiding. Each clan started a birth of three major races:

 The Draconis Clan went below the earth, creating the lizard people and the reptilian race.

 The Aquaris Clan took to the seas, creting the race of merfolk

 The Magicioius Clan stayed on the surface and eventually, most of the population forgot about advanced technology and magic.

 This clan was the father of human kind.

 They made the mistake of playing god and now, they cursed future generations with that same mistake.

Rules and How Things Are Around Here / Rules, Rules, Rules!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alrighty, as with every forum, we at least need rules and guidelines to follow. Here, I'm not too strict about most things, mainly edge because, I myself can be a bit edgy. Still, I cannot just let this place burn under the fire of anarchism. So, I provide to you...

Da Rules
1. Absolutely NO TROLLING whatsoever. This shall lead to an instant ban. Same goes for bullying. I have been on both sides of being bullied and being THE bully. I'll admit, yes it sucks.

2. If you have 100% Random edge that has nothing to do with your written stories, post it in the Edgelord Tavern.

3. Everyone is allowed. Do NOT make anyone feel excluded because of fandom, gender, etc.,. We're all humans here, so act like it.

4. NOBODY is perfect. No exceptions. We all have flaws and I'm sure these rules may be broken at many points in time.

5. Beware of Illuminati Controlled Flying Squirrels.

6. I will tolerate racist jokes as long as they are PLAYFUL and not HATEFUL. There is a difference between JOKES and HATE.

7. Your own stories are to be posted under Miscellaneous Miniverses.

8. NO pornography. This will lead to a ban. Posting child pornography will not only result in getting banned, it will also lead to a report with the proper authorities. Rule 34 is no exception here either.

Just follow these rules, and you will be just fine. I'd hate to ban people but, forums need rules like a baby needs a mother's love.

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