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Author Topic: Story of the Enloeverse  (Read 32 times)

Orin The Lonely Oreo

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Story of the Enloeverse
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:34:11 pm »
Origins of a Universe
 Part I

 Among the stars, there are many worlds, and on many of these worlds there is corruption. Politics, warfare, religion, inequality; these are the things that can destroy an entire world as time flies away, as if it were a little bird in flight. The planet, D'regard-Zeta was once a world like this and was already torn apart by the citizen's folly. The government is said to have been a main reason for the corruption. The Magicious clan was also blamed for the corruption but, it was both; the government had allowed the Magicious too much power of this trio-branched government by a mistake and the Magicious clan took over, trying to create a “Master Race”. After the corruption happened, the other two clans, Draconis and Aquaris started to wage war on the Magicious Clan. The body count rose to nearly millions, as if it were genocide.

 Years later, The war is still going on but, a group of citizens, sickened by the war decided to leave and find a new planet of residency. This group contained at least 100,000 citizens from each of the three clans. They left as fast as possible bringing as much scientific technology and self defense weapons (though very limited in ammo and firearms) as they could. It took them many years to complete this journey but, they officially made it to a new planet. This planet was mostly blue with a giant green landmass in the middle. It was only inhabited by wildlife, no civilization for miles. The conditions were just accurate for life to create a continuity and it was the third terrestrial planet away from the sun. They chose to settle here, on this planet called Earth.

 Once these immigrants settled on the soil, they took a look around the earth's environment and took a breath of air. This was the planet still uninhabited and unsettled, teeming with wild, primordial life forms. Animals and plant life from the prehistoric to the modern age all coexisted as one. They lived under the natural cycle of life and death just as any kind of creature in nature. With this peaceful and orderly nature, the three clans sought to rebuild their nations here and make three separate governments, to avoid causing another Genocide War. They thought they were safe but, they could not have been more wrong.

Origins Of a Universe
 Part II:
 The Second Great Genocide War
 Many years, the three colonies have lived in harmony. They chose to be diverse and live segregated among one another to avoid starting a war. This peace however, was beginning to come to an end. Within the cities of the Magicious, there lies the remains of the politicians, war generals, and such low-life scum that have brought their own evil and corruption to the new world. They seek to do nothing but take over their benevolent government. The Magicious Clan, is the father of early and modern humankind therefore, explaining the multiple types of of corruption that have been happening within the entire Magicious Nation itself.

 Years of planning took place, and the corrupt Magicious Clan members began a cult with the title Illuminatus Magico (Which later became known as The Illuminati (1800's-Current Day)). These Male and Female dirtbags were ready to bring their government and began their first strikes against the government. With abilities that the Aquaris and Draconis had, the Magicious had little need for weapons since magic was their source of power and military strength. With this, the Illuminatus Magico took extra time to make their spells over-powered and ready to destroy their government, original religion and political views. The reason for the uprising is unknown because, the government showed no signs of ill-will.

 The Illuminatus Magico planned to keep their war with the government silent. They set up magic barriers around the city to shield unwanted eyes out of the city. Within the first few weeks, the cult was suffering heavy losses on the battlefield and it seemed that they were losing at first. It wasn't until the leader was assassinated that the tides of the war have turned into the favor of the Illuminatus. With the Magicious now leaderless, everyone had to succumb to the villainous and vile cult. With new-found power,they chose to manipulate their fellow clans to annihilate each other. Each of the surviving counsel members were forced to convince the Aquaris to attack the Draconis with what they had. Within time, the Aquaris chose to make the first strike and thus began The Second Great Genocide War.

Origins of a Universe
 Part III
 Rise of the Combinations

 After the first few months of war between the Aquaris and Draconis, the machines of war were destroyed, factories ran out of resources and Pangaea's (Earth) natural elements were not chemically compatible with the factory machines that produced the weapons and war machines. They looked at the wildlife around them and tried using the abilities of their sciences to create hybrid of the animals to use as war beasts. Every test was a failure, the embryo would always end up dead upon being first spawned. It was like they were causing abortion and genocide at the same time, making the same wicked choices of the Magicious Clan and Illuminatus Magico. They did not know that the counsel members were forced to cause corruption and were executed. Execution of the counsel was to keep the truth from being revealed to the ones that were at war with each other. The merfolk and dracofolk started attacking attacking one another like wild animals. They would rip the flesh from bones with their teeth, skulls crushed by being stomped upon, disembowelment and brutally having organs ripped out, using nothing but their claws and bare hands.

 From the stars, watched three beings. These beings were looking down at the clans and were not feeling very jovial about the graphic, inhumane combat that was happening on the super continent. These were not just beings, they were a trio of gods, beings that could create worlds, universes and even multiverses. There are six divine beings that have created a world, separate from the world of reality to create a world that connected fictional multiverses coming straight from imaginations of mankind to live; These Kaiju Gods were the three out of six beings that wanted to create a universe that focused on the elements of mankind's imagination but, kaiju focused. There are many kaijuverses that were created by mankind and this one, the Enloverse is one of those many kaijuverses. They decided that they should teach these beings how to create kaiju by using their powers combined with the sciences of the three clans so the warring factions could create the war beasts they needed to use for battle.
 They came to each of the clans separately, teaching them the art of creation:

 Mongurius (Think of Anguirus crossed with a European Dragon) sided with the Draconis Clan to create monsters born to not only use strong attacks but, ones that would also use the best fortitude. These were the most dangerous kaiju to face due to their maxed out ferocity, strength and fortitude.

 Orbzilla (Pronounced Orb-Zee-Ya) is a dragon that has a representation of Orga. He has plasma lightning orbs (think of those lightning globes from Spencer's) attached to his shoulders and the top of his head. He sided with the Aquaris, showing how to make kaiju that were not weak but, less ferocious, moderate defense and medium strength (Even though Mega-Monkey is one who has maxed out strength) and stealth. Obrzilla has spared them the information that the kaiju will not be as merciful as the Aquaris people. These kaiju are dangerous but, not like the Draconis Clan's Kaiju.

 Orbwolf: This god is a humanoid wolf, with the wings of a dragon. He sided with the Magicious Clan and showed them how to use their magic to create beings constructed of magic. With Orbwolf's help, the Magicious had created two golems.
 It was with this gift of creation that the clans decided to finish this war, winner takes all. Countless battles have been fought, even leading to the destruction of many cities, even the great cities of Sodom and Babylon didn't survive these battles. These “combinations” were always under the control of their respected clans, enslaved to every whim and will to them. The clans never thought that their creations could rebel against them but, they were dead wrong. There is a price for playing God.
 Within the end of the prehistoric age, at the climax of the Genocide Wars, the kaiju decided that they all had enough. They turned right around and attacked their fellow clan commanders. All the monsters destroyed every city and almost caused a genocide of their own. With this destruction, the Clans took what ever technology they had and went into hiding. Each clan started a birth of three major races:

 The Draconis Clan went below the earth, creating the lizard people and the reptilian race.

 The Aquaris Clan took to the seas, creting the race of merfolk

 The Magicioius Clan stayed on the surface and eventually, most of the population forgot about advanced technology and magic.

 This clan was the father of human kind.

 They made the mistake of playing god and now, they cursed future generations with that same mistake.
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